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What is the CREATIVE HUB?


A forum for creatives to exchange their views . A unique opportunity to connect with and learn from industry leaders on how to gain valuable insights into the future of your industry. A variety of discussions with top industry professionals.

They will tell you about all the adversities they went through, you will  learn about  their ups and downs, the ways they got out from the worst situations and bnecame  successful.


Dates and times: the 14 and 27 th of every month.



 You will get Your questions answered by leading professionals 


Connect with other people and creatives around the world.


For the first 100 people 10$ a year subscription. 

Join the discussion that might change you and the way you think or execute a tasks.


Show your work in the meeting and get the discussion going. Present your ideas in a live session.

Meet other people in your area and internationally that are in your industry or can collaborate with you. 


A place for you to learn, grow and collaborate.




Maria Brito April 27th : an expert on creativity for now 13 years. She left a corporate job from one day to another and decided to go with her passion without even having an education in the arts. She now helps celebrities like Beyonce collect art. Maria just published a book called " How creativity rules the world" We will talk about tips for you to use your creativity in whatever  industry you are in to stand out from the crowd. 


Paticia Burmicky April 14th: A photographer turned business owner. Patricia had photographer for corporations like Alice and Olivia. She is also the founder of a photo school in NYC called Photo Uno. She will teach us how to make your art your business and live of what you love.



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