Lara Alcantara Lansberg has dedicated herself to creating authentic images that tell stories, with a focus on conceptual fine art. Alcantara's photography explores the innermost essence of life from the malady to the absurdity, from the unrequited to the secret explorations of one's desire—good or bad. Her staged photography has elements of snapshot aesthetic, however, placement and condition of every item combined with her persona is curated to underscore a theme. Alcantara Studied at BARD College and NYU a Bachelor in Arts and completed a Masters in Fine Art at Bard College/ICP.

She worked with photographers like Stephen Shore and Andres Serrano, and as assistant photo director at Condenast  Publications in Time Square. 

She has exhibited her work internationally including various museums. She works with but is not signed to, Nohra Haime in NYC Chelsea area, Art n Foley in Miami and Tata Fernandez. 

She is in the collection of personalities like Patricia Beracasa in France, MoMa Terry Riley and Phyllis Tuchman. Lara is a prolific creator of images, she has made  and enormous amount of work that makes her differentiate herself from many artists her age.

Alcantara currently resides in Brooklyn New York and is a mother of two. She teaches a Master Class guiding her students to unblock creativity within the frame of photography and coaching. 

  Her work has been exhibited in New York , Paris, Venezuela, Panama, Spain, Germany  and Miami. She has participated group exhibitions internationally. 

In 2021 and 2022 won the Julia Margaret Cameron Self Portrait award and Fine art Portrait taking her to an exhibition of that work in Barcelona Spain in Oct 2022.. BIFA best photographer of the year 2020 for self portraits as well. A fellowship with iconic designer and founder of Tory Burch Foundation Tory Burch in 2021.
During the pandemic Lara’s work went Viral and gives her and important push that she had been looking for. As she is locked up without staff teams and lighting teams, studios and art directors, she creates images to get out of her own uncertainty, fears and anxieties caused by the pandemic. She begins to infiltrate the world of housewife and thus putting a little comedy on her image, sarcasm and a concept. 
Now she travels the world with her camera and tripod, writing, producing images that will make her audience think.  An energetic soul who always strives to spread light and happines everywhere she goes and is a conspiring lover of the universe.