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Currently residing in Brooklyn, her multidisciplinary practice spans across various mediums, including photography, video, performance, installation and writing. With a strong focus on conceptual photography, predominantly staged self-portraits, her work presents narratives that challenge the status quo of the quotidian, exposing layers of complexity seemingly invisible to the eye. Her language explores dichotomies of the optimistic and the cynical, the comedic and the pensive, the forbidden and the compliant, the absurd and the spiritual. Through her installations and performance works, she is able to engage with the audience herself, blurring the lines of the intimate and the public. During the pandemic she resorted to photography as a way to release her own uncertainties, fears and anxieties, resulting in an unprecedented public response as everyone could relate to these universal themes. Her art serves as a profound exploration of the female experience, critiquing societal expectations placed on women while also infusing elements of lightness, darkness, humor, and magical realism. She holds a Bachelor in Arts at Bard College and NYU, and a Master of Fine Arts from Bard College/ICP. Her accolades include prestigious awards like the Julia Margaret Cameron Gala Award and BIFA, recognizing her exceptional Self Portrait Series. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. She has worked with Nohra Haime (NYC, Chelsea), Art N Folly (Miami) and Tata Fernandez, among others. Beyond her artistic pursuits, she is a devoted mother of two. 

Solo Exhibitions 

  • 2024 Wyndwood Contemporary Projects

  • 2024 Art expo NY KR Projects

  • 2023 Woman is me The house of Flowers 

  • 2023 Lehman College Framing the Female Gaze: Women Artists and the New Historicism

  • 2023 West Palm Beach Erris design show.

  • 2022 UBS preview showcase New York, NY​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 2021 and 2022 Winner of self-portrait series Julia Margaret Cameron Foundation Competition

  • Guest speaker NYU Photo Department

  • Winner of BIFA2021Portraits

  • ​​​2022 Julia Margaret Cameron award exhibition Barcelona Spain

  • 2021 An Extra NY Experience 535 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 

  • 2020 Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY

  • 2020 Art Therapy. Art N Folly Miami, FL

  • 2020 Dreams in a bottle Brooklyn, NY 

  • 2020 Dreams in a bottle Miami, FL

  • 2020 Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY

  • 2020 GBG Arts Online Venezuela.


  • 2010 ARTEPUY gallery. Absence. Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2007 International Center of Photography. NY, NY 2005 Alternativa Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2004 Alternativa Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2002 Generous Miracles Gallery. New York, NY 

  • 2001 Alternativa Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2001 AlTROTE Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2001 Western Gulf Gallery New York University, New York, NY 

Group Exhibition 

  • 2024 PULP Juniper RAG.Boston,  Massachussets

  • 2023 Berdgorfs Goodman.  New York New York

  • 2023 Create magazine Exhibition Bloom.

  • 2023 featured In the Studio Artist by Saatchi art

  • 2023 NY Art expo.  New York, New York

  • 2022 The other art fair Special Artist on the View

  • 2022 Elevation. Massachussets 

  • 2022 September, “Identities “Museum Of beaux Arts Maracaibo, Venezuela

  • 2022 October, Barcelona Spain. Julia Margaret Cameron Award exhibition

  • 2022 Art Basel Context Miami Beach

  • 2022 Voices. Zenith Art Gallery NY

  • 2022 The woman I will become 

  • 2022 Identidades. Centro Cultural de Bellas Artes Maracaibo, Venezuela 

  • 2022 Elevation Exhibition Juniper Rag. Massachussets.

  • ​2022 Origin Exhibition Wercester Art Center Wercester, MA​​​​

  • ​​​2021 PIX3 Paris Photo, Paris, France.

  • 2021 Michael Foley Gallery, New York, NY

  • 2020 Voice curators voice. Online

  • 2020 En el tiempo GBG arts. Online 

  • 2020 Fresh, Caracas, Venezuela 

  • 2017 Fe y Alegria Paddle 8. Online 

  • 2015 Auction Jesus Aguáis Paddle 8. Online

  • 2014 Auction, Museo del Barrio Paddle 8. Online

  • 2010 George Segal Gallery. Art Connections. Montclair, NJ

  • 2010 Young Artists FIA. Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2010 Santorelli Gallery. " Hemispheres”, New York, NY

  • 2009 Acción Solidaria, CAPUY, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2009 University Simon Bolivar. Caracas,Venezuela

  • 2008 Biennial Daniella Chappard, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2008 Women Photographers. El CELARG Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2008 FIA Festival Art Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2008 “Venezuela and its women photographers” Contemporary Art Museum, Maracaibo, Venezuela

  • 2008 “Venezuela and its women photographers” EL CELARG Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2007 411 Gallery New York, NY

  • 2007 FOTO AELLA Festival, Paris, France

  • 2007 Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, MA

  • 2007 BARD College CCS, Annandale on the Hudson, NY

  • 2007 Salón Pfizer, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2007 International Center of Photography School New York, NY

  • 2006 Feria Internacional de Arte, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2006 International Center of Photography "The Exquisite Landscape”, New York, NY

  • 2006 Dom Perignon Exhibition at the International Center of Photography Museum. New York,NY

  • 2006 Art Miami, Miami, FL

  • 2005 Salón Pfizer, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2005 Art Fair, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2005 Salón Michelena, Maracay, Venezuela

  • 2005 Salón Exxon Mobil, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2005 Art Fair Miami, Miami,FL

  • 2004 SOLAR Gallery, East Hamptons, NY

  • 2004 International Center of Photography New York, NY

  • 2003 Salón Exxon Mobil, National Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela 

  • 2003 Salón Pirelli, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia Imber, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2002 AID for AIDS. New York,NY

  • 2002 Alternativa Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2002 One cow, Cow Parade Swiss Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela

  • 2001 GALOU Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2001 Museum of Contemporary Art, Acarigua, Venezuela

  • 2001 PLUS ULTRA gallery. Brooklyn, NY

  • 2001 Gray Art Gallery, NYU, New York, NY

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