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  • Back Stronger. NY series 11x14 inches limited edition of 50
  • Back Stronger. NY series 11x14 inches limited edition of 50
  • Back Stronger. NY series 11x14 inches limited edition of 50

Back Stronger. NY series 11x14 inches limited edition of 50

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Tory Burch and Lara Alcantara Lansberg Present: A Captivating New York City Photo Collection

New York, NY – June 2024 – Tory Burch, the globally acclaimed lifestyle brand celebrated for its timeless elegance and innovative designs, is proud to announce an exclusive collaboration with renowned female photographer, Lara Alcantara Lansberg. This extraordinary photo collection, highlighting the vibrant essence of New York City, will be unveiled on June 28th at 9 am EST offering a unique blend of fashion, art, and urban storytelling.

A Unique Artistic Vision

Lara Alcantara Lansberg, known for her evocative and visually stunning photography, brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to this collaboration. Her ability to capture the soul of New York City, combined with Tory Burch’s distinct aesthetic, results in a series of images that are both inspiring and breathtaking.

The Collection

The collaboration features a curated selection of photographs that celebrate the energy, diversity, and iconic beauty of New York City. From the bustling streets of Manhattan each image reflects the intricate details and rich textures of urban life, seamlessly intertwined with Tory Burch elegance. 

6 different images with an edition of 50 each.


Capturing the Timeless Essence of New York City: A Limited Edition Photo Collection

New York City—a metropolis of dreams, diversity, and dynamism. For years, its streets have been the backdrop of countless stories, its skyline an emblem of architectural marvel, and its people the vibrant pulse of its unparalleled energy. This limited edition photo project is a tribute to the city that never sleeps, capturing its essence through a unique lens.

In this exclusive collection, I invite you to explore the heart of New York City like never before. Each photograph is a testament to the city's ever-evolving spirit and enduring charm. From the iconic landmarks to the hidden gems, these images offer a fresh perspective on the beauty and complexity of urban life.

This project is it is a celebration of New York's rich history, its cultural tapestry, and the stories that unfold within its bustling streets. Limited to a select number of prints, each piece in this collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that it becomes a cherished part of your personal gallery.

Join me on this visual journey and experience New York City through my eyes—an artistic homage to a city that continues to inspire me and captivate the world.



Shipping and handling domestic $10, International $25-50,  FREE Hand delivery  in Manhattan certain areas in Brooklyn and Queens for more than 3 prints

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    Printed on matte archival paper.   Print is signed and printed with a 1.5" white border for framing.  Frame is not included.  Limited edition prints are numbered.  Print is rolled and packed in tube packaging.  All sales are final. 

    larger prints  editions of 3 +2 AP

  • Larger images 30x40 and up are editions of 5

     The sizing after 20x30 changes the size of the edition.


    16x20 editions of 50

    20x30 editions of 25

    30x40 and larger editions of 3 +2 AP

✨✨✨   Copyright © 2022 Lara Alcantara Photography LLC.  All Rights Reserved. 💫 

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